Will There Be A War?

182.02Today everyone is asking the question: Will there be a war in Ukraine or not? I am not a politician, but a Kabbalist, and I look at everything only from the point of view of the global correction of the world, in which all nations will one day come closer and unite. And in this form we will achieve peace and perfection in our existence on the globe.

According to this conflict between Ukraine and Russia, we can see how much each nation and each country will have to correct until we can mutually connect with each other in a proper and kind form.

That’s why I don’t want to examine politics. It is obvious that there are no one who is right in this dispute because we are all egoists and everyone must correct their egoism until we all unite in a friendly way. And before that, we will be haunted by wars and problems. If we do not think about correction, about covering all crimes with love, then there will be no good life.

But still, I think that gradually we will understand that problems between nations cannot be solved through wars. These wars between countries and people will take a new form. After all, we already see that it is impossible to use nuclear weapons or chemical weapons. And then what remains? Fighting each other with sticks and stones again?

In the modern world, there can no longer be a war in the form that it once was. Almost everyone already agrees with this. No one has such a force at their disposal with which it would be possible to come out victorious in the war.

Therefore, I think that humanity will begin to conduct an internal audit of its thoughts and perception of reality, and will realize that we must move to a new phase of confrontation. It will be a confrontation not between us, not between these or other neighboring countries, but a confrontation with ourselves, a war with our own nature.

And I think that we have already come close enough to a state when it will be possible to talk about it and find understanding among people that correction is required precisely in relations of a person to himself and to others. This is the only way to achieve balance and harmony between all people.
From KabTV’s “Conversation with Journalists” 1/17/22

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