There Are No Wars in the Creator’s Plans

293Can we mitigate the terrible blow in the form of war that evil egoism is now inflicting on the world, on the entirety of nature? First of all, we must remember the simple truth that we are talking about the will to receive, which consists of four levels.

What is felt in the will to receive in its four degrees, inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human, is what appears to us as existing in the world. After all, our entire world is our will to receive.

Therefore, we need to do everything possible to locate and correct the egoistic desire. There is nothing in the world except our egoism, which must be calmed, balanced, brought to an awareness of where it comes from and why, and what its purpose is.

We should see that the state of the world is a derivative of the measure of connection between us. If we connect more, it is good for the world, and if we do not connect, then it is bad for the world. On this basis, we are considered wicked or righteous. We give contentment to the Creator or, God forbid, we give Him sorrow.

The Creator does not want war, He is good and does good, therefore, there are no wars in His plans. Rather His plans are to bring us to the recognition of evil and to the actions of good, so we will become like Him.

This is why there is nothing negative that comes from the Creator, no bad attitude at all. If we do not agree with the corrections and by this bring trouble upon ourselves, then this is already our fault. We should not blame the Creator for this; it is our own fault that we do not correct what we receive from Him.

We receive everything from the Creator through the system in such a way that we are able to accept it, understand it, react to it, and correct it. We can, but we do not want to! Therefore, we receive a descent, which seems to us as a punishment.

In fact, this is a correction that brings us one degree down. After all, if I am in the fourth grade and I am not able to do what a fourth grader should do, then I am returned to the third grade. When I do the work in the third grade, I will go up again to the fourth grade, and then to the fifth, sixth, and so on. That is, everything happens according to the system.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/16/22,  Baal HaSulam, “Foreword to The Book of Zohar

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