What the World Expects from Jews

400Question: How are Jews connected with the development of humanity and with the current period when the question of the meaning of life is particularly acute?

While nature more or less stroked humanity on the head, it forgot about the Jews. Today, when we have nowhere else to run, again all attention is directed at them. Why?

Answer: Because the Jews have the solution to the essence of our life. The key to the answer to the question of where to go next, how to achieve true happiness, boundless, eternal existence, perfection, harmony—in general, everything that we involuntarily strive for from within, what our natural inner development pushes us to—is with them.

Therefore, subconsciously, all people in the world pay attention to them, count them guilty for their problems, and they are right.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Around the World” 5/12/11

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