In the System of Common Connection

557Question: I live in this world and I am connected with other people. How much do my wrong actions influence other people’s punishments?

Answer: They do. I cannot explain how much, but they do. And their incorrect actions influence you.

Question: Let’s say I understand the laws of nature, I try to observe them, I make efforts. However, there are several billion people who consciously or unconsciously do not want to fulfill them. Do I receive punishment for them?

Answer: Of course. We are all connected into one system.

Question: What can we do in this situation?

Answer: Try to correct yourself, and others through yourself.

Question: So not to correct them, but myself?

Answer: Of course.

Question: But they exist anyway. What is the connection if I correct myself and they are not corrected?

Answer: You should pray for them.

Question: Why should there be such a responsibility?

Answer: Because it is a common system.

Comment: But all these collective punishments have seemingly outlived their usefulness. A person should be responsible for himself.

My Response: Nothing has outlived its usefulness. This system exists and will always exist. The Creator created one single Kli, desire, and this desire must reach the level of the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/31/22

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