The Potential Of Collective Consciousness

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Nextgov): “The Defense Department wants new computer tools to analyze mounds of unstructured text, blogs and tweets as part of a coordinated push to help military analysts predict the future and make decisions faster.

“The goal is to build an open source system that can unite various tools that collect, manage and draw relationships between data sets.

Defense is seeking ways to predict the future by monitoring Twitter, blogs and news, and determining the ‘frequency of contacts between nodes or clusters.’ As networks grow larger and more complex, researchers have found it harder to monitor group behavior. ONR (the Office of Naval Research) also wants researchers to discover networks that could be hidden within networks, and how information and money flows through a community.”

My Comment: As a result of the study of universal intelligence, the world will recognize the need for full cooperation of all people in a single system and will reveal this system of our connection; then, to understand this system of connection, they will need Kabbalah, the science of the general network of the management of nature. This management network is the system of upper worlds, that is, the forces of connection that we study in the science of Kabbalah.

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