All Of Nature Is One Organism

Opinion (Y. Zheleznov, The Moscow Humanitarian University): “A person is greater than our perception of him. One shouldn’t draw an equal sign between a person and his ‘consciousness,’ cognition, intellect and mind, since a person is much more than that. He is deeper than his knowledge, smarter than his intelligence, more powerful than his brain, and richer than his mind. The essence of human existence is loftier and more complicated than his brainpower. People are not being driven by thoughts, but rather by love, even at times when they are overwhelmed by hatred and when the evil inside turns them ‘into stones.’ One is defined by what and how one loves. Each of us is an endless source of opinions; we all are a nonverbal origin of words and actions of our own; we are fountains of passion, dreams and desires, a harmony and dissonance of our longings. This is the reason why vibrant and clear thoughts cannot penetrate into the deepest basic root of the human personality; it explains why our ‘voice of reason’ is often reminiscent of ‘screams in the desert.’

‘Thy neighbor’ is you. When Socrates was imprisoned for his beliefs, he said, ‘… only after I lost everything and everybody I had ever cherished – my home, children, family, health… at the time when I helplessly was facing death, and felt as a tormented, haunted animal, when my mind had sunk into the darkness and then suddenly was awakened at sunrise – all of this was totally necessary for me to UNDERSTAND.  I often mentioned that evil is a lack of enlightenment and everything in life can be scrutinized with the mind. It’s not so. In prison, I understood something that I never thought of before…LOVE…Love everybody… I realized that my neighbor is me… And I have to love him… If you attain this state, your mind will prompt you the truth.”

Love of ‘others’ is a law. Love and compassion for others, empathy for all living creatures of Earth, is a law that manifests itself in plants, animals and humans. Researcher K. Baxter managed to record distant “signals of compassion” among plants, between plants and animals, and among people…

“Quite often (although not always) multiple experiments demonstrated that when a plant perished in boiling water, other plants of the same type experienced electric impulses that were clearly registered by a sensitive device. The nature of such a ‘scream’ was similar to the human signal of stress and pain. The plants were experiencing trauma at the time of the suffering and death of another plant; besides, they commiserated with live creatures of a different developmental level when the latter were throbbing and/or were close to a life-threatening danger.

“Similar ‘signals of suffering’ were registered by precise devices, which were placed on birch-trees located quite far from another birch-tree which was damaged and fell.

“Live creatures scream. A lie detector attached to a plant clearly showed that the plant was ‘indignant’ when it ‘faced’ lies, and reacted to it by electric impulses. All live organisms ‘scream’ when they interact with evil and convey dangerous information to others through vibrations that have a different nature than sound waves, and thus are not spread through the air. When facing evil, living creatures ‘shout’ without emitting sounds (air waves), but rather through other types of vibrations that convey information about pain and danger to others.

“Sensations do not depend on distance. At the time when baby-rabbits experienced pain on board a submarine deep down in the ocean, on board another submarine in another ocean their mother was shivering with ache. Professor Vernadsky was confident that biospheres of remote planets constantly exchange information with one another.

Theory of informational transmittal. Besides transferring information from one cell to another, there exists another form of distant transmission of signals; it happens at the level of quantum particles and explains the influence of earth’s magnetism, presentiments of earthquakes by certain types of animals, as well as the influence of sun storms and weather conditions on the moods and health of all living creatures.”

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  1. Are we so surprised, that everything speaks, and listens? All receives and gives, all is alive. Even the very sand.

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