In The System Of Interconnection Of Souls


There are situations in a person’s life when life itself seems to tell him that there is a certain program that determines everything and that he has no control over it.

Each of us can remember such perceived incidents. Sometimes we even know in advance what will happen and suddenly a greater vision opens up to us. It is natural. We are all a little bit like Wolf Messing in some way.

The question is: Where does this lead us? As a rule, this leads nowhere. A person simply continues to live; he was only shown some small fragment of the future and he does not know what to do with it.

In principle, for a person it does not fundamentally solve anything. It is just that a fragment of the future is revealed from the general system of our corporeality, but concealed from us are the spiritual relationships by which we are rigidly connected with each other.

We are in a network of connection that functions in an absolutely rigid and constant manner. Each of us has absolutely no freedom to do anything within it. In this network, everyone goes through all sorts of sensations of himself, which are perceived as in this world, or that world, and so on. But nevertheless, we are always in the same system of interconnection of souls, of our “I”s.

If this system opens up a little, then we can perhaps see the relationship between the two layers, between the layer that should happen and the level at which we each are today. It seems to be an accidental phenomenon, since the person did not see anything in advance.

Of course there is nothing accidental in our life. Everything is absolutely determined.

But what did this lead to? Perhaps one began to behave differently or more correctly, more sensitively, and became warmer toward people. Or in one’s profession he made some changes for good. But in principle, he did not change anything fundamentally.

As a result, we see that throughout the history of humanity all prophetic dreams, insights, slanders, and predictions of clairvoyants do not lead us to anything. There were always a lot of them and they exist now and they will in the future.

Only if we reveal to a person a clear methodology for attaining the entire system of the universe, our connection with each other, the course of life, and the future goal, when this is revealed to us and we are given the opportunity to explore, to confirm, and most importantly, to control our destiny, then we can already say that a person has really been given some kind of tool to control it.

Otherwise, the future should not be revealed. That is why Kabbalists never talk about it. They believe that it is harmful to humanity.

There is a rule: do not place obstacles before a blind man. That is, only to the extent that a person can correctly understand the future, that it can be brought closer to himself to work correctly on its implementation, then it can be revealed to a person, and he will begin to correct it.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Dissenting Opinion” 8/29/10

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