We Have Nothing to Fear

531.02Question: Once our lives were mainly based on physical communication, and there were psychologists who corrected this communication so that it would not be painful. Then this was blocked for us, and we began to master virtual communication. New experts appeared who specialized in communicating correctly virtually. But now we have a certain disruption, a failure in the system of relations, a war. What form of interaction awaits us in the future?

Answer: Love will support hate and hate will support love, and we will develop these two properties in a constant recurrence. Moreover we will do all this consciously: hatred comes, so love must come. Thus we will sail.

Question: What kind of breakage can occur in this new system?

Answer: None. If we know that love arises in order to then reveal hatred, and hatred is for the manifestation of love, then everything will be fine.

Question: What kind of specialists are needed there, at the next level?

Answer: I think these are going to be specialists who understand how to properly correlate love and hate. In our language, this is called “Aviut ve Zakut” (coarseness and purification).

This is already an upper psychology, which is still unknown to us in ordinary life, but we will have to master it. It will be necessary to learn this. There are courses, there are explanations. It’s not scary.

Question: How can such specialists be trained?

Answer: They come to our classes and they gradually get into this case themselves, and they learn on themselves.

Question: And what to watch out for?

Answer: To watch out? I don’t even know. I don’t see any problem with that.

In any case, a person develops himself, even if he does not understand quite correctly, he cannot correctly perform some exercises and tasks. It’s developing him anyway.

All this happens in a person in order to reveal one’s nature, which consists of two opposites, as does all of nature—coming closer and distancing, plus or minus, light and shadow, etc. So we have nothing to be afraid of here, we can’t ruin anything. We just have to come and study intensively.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/14/22

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