Connecting to the Common Volume of Information

764.2Question: Memory is not the only brain function based on the holographic principle. Scientists have come to the conclusion that vision is also holographic. Moreover, the visual centers of the brain show an amazing resistance to surgical intervention.

Although 90% of the visual cortex of the brain was removed in experimental rats and 98% in cats, visual function was still preserved. This can be compared to the situation when an audience in the cinema is watching a movie on the screen with 90% of its area is removed.

What is, in fact, our vision?

Answer: Our vision is really built on the holographic principle, like practically all of our senses.

It is enough for us to receive a small piece of information from some integral picture in order to connect to information that is outside of us and receive a supplement. It depends on the “transparency” of a person, meaning on his attitude to nature, to the environment.

If he is not a hard, dark, egoistic area, then he is able to connect to this volume of information in such a way that he will receive an absolute supplement. He may even come to a state where he does not need his sensory organs because the heart (desire) has no sensory organs.

The brain has no sensory organs. The sensory organs are something external. We can connect to the external desire, to the great mind, directly with desire and reason and be included in this common whole, which precisely is the united humanity.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Hologram” 7/28/11

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