Why Animals Never Make Mistakes

49.01Question: If there is a repository of the common memory of humanity, then where are the instincts of animals?

Answer: Animals are absolutely closed. They live rigidly connected to the general information flow.

A man can rise above it, but an animal cannot. In man there is a present, past, and future so he can develop. He compares himself with the past and the future, envies, wants to achieve more, and learns from the past. An animal does not have this. It lives by momentary instincts; the way it is controlled today, so it acts.

An animal is not connected in any way with the past and the future, so it does not make mistakes.

Question: Does this explain why during natural disasters they run away from in time?

Answer: Yes, they are instinctively, absolutely rigidly tied to the system, and therefore receive clear information from it. And we receive fuzzy information from the system because we must supplement it with our own participation.

And here is the problem, if a tsunami hits us, it means that we caused it by our wrong actions between us! Animals are not involved in this; they understand what will happen and calmly leave. Whereas we cannot understand and feel this because we ourselves produced this great tragedy.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Hologram” 7/28/11

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