The World Is Our Reflection

423.02Question: How can it be that two completely different perceptions, corporeality and spirituality, are combined in a person? How is it possible to combine them within oneself?

Answer: They can be combined, it is not a problem. The world is a reflection of what is happening within us. Nothing happens in the world itself! It is just our reflection. We see, like on an X-ray, our common qualities.

The entire world around us is a common state, the common qualities of all of humanity: Japan and Arab countries and their revolutions. You will see what comes next! We will have more and more bright news every day. Every morning you will wake up in a new world.

We are moving toward the end of our world, but not in the sense that everything will be destroyed. Simply according to the order of nature we must rise from our world to the next dimension, to the upper world. And nature pushes us to this.

Question: The Book of Zohar says that nature’s pushing begins from the best ones. What does “the best” mean?

Answer: If suffering comes into the world, then, as a rule, it is distributed in such a way that it is felt more in people who, according to our views, are supposed to feel it least of all.

For example, the Japanese are constantly suffering from earthquakes and tsunamis, but they do not mean anything militant, they work normally, earn as much as they should. We do not see anything bad from them.

Look how well they exist within themselves. Even their militant sect, as soon as the earthquake occurred, declared to everyone that it would fight injustice: “If someone steals, takes something extra in the store, or there is looting somewhere, then you will deal with us.”

That is, the people themselves do not want to exist at the expense of causing evil to others.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Branch of Sakura” 5/15/11

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