The Influence of Light on a Person

233Question: How does light affect a person?

Answer: In different ways. It all depends on what state a person is in: either he is in an ascent or moving away from it.

In a person, his internal states, Reshimot, are constantly changing. If the light is influencing him, then naturally these states are quickly realized in the direction in which the Reshimot are directed at this time.

Light is the energy that influences a person that directs him to the purpose of creation, to complete connection with all parts of creation: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human. This connection already reveals within itself the force of connection called “the Creator.”

Question: When a child is growing up, he is influenced by light, and under its influence he develops. What is the difference between this development and the Kabbalistic one?

Answer: The fact is that the child does not know how he develops. It happens instinctively. Reshimot, that is, the informational genes of his physical development are constantly revealed outward along the chain, one after another, and light at this time influences him.

That is, the light is constant, and the genes are changing all the time. The child grows under the influence of constant light as if he receives continuous nutrition. Since more and more “adult,” large, composite genes emerge, this is what guarantees his development.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Influence of Light on a Person” 5/27/14

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