Change The Rules Of The Game

Dr. Michael LaitmanChange is possible only by the Light that Reforms. This Light comes by itself in order to advance us to attain the state in which we are. It constantly increases its illumination on us, or in other words, it constantly illuminates and the Reshimot (reminiscences) are revealed, change, and intensify, and thus we feel that we are changing.

When we want to do something, to reveal something, to develop technologies, and to advance, it is all according to the Reshimot. They oblige us and we act. Suddenly Newton discovers the law of gravity, suddenly Einstein develops the theory of relativity, then other scientists come along with new discoveries, and so the world advances. Different people come along, good and bad, and it seems as if they are advancing the world. And so under the influence of the Light, we live in the developing Reshimot.

But if we want to awaken this Light so that it wouldn’t illuminate in order to increase our egoistic desire but in order to change it, to correct it, and transform it into a desire to bestow, we have to do something on our own that is called “exertion.” This action is voluntary since we have to change our desire. We are making this change with the spiritual spark that is concealed in us, in our desire, and which helps us understand that things can be different, that we can play with our desire differently, and instead of using others, can act in their favor and attain love and bestowal for others.

The Light continues to illuminate our Reshimot, and we can only change its influence on us. If we somehow understand and approach this issue, then according to the extent that we fulfill the Reshimo that is evoked in us in order to use it in bestowal and not in receiving, the Light that illuminates for us brings about such a result, by performing the change in us.

So, everything depends on us, on how much we, no matter what state we are in, in the Reshimot that are revealed in us every moment, are wanting to fulfill the Reshimot instinctively in bestowal instead of in receiving.

If we really want to fulfill the Reshimot, our action is divided into two parts at least. First, we gather in order to work on the connection among us. The connection that we want to fulfill among us resembles the connection between the shattered souls in order to make the general soul from them since this is our goal. This is the aspect of the desires, the vessels. From the aspect of the Lights, we want the one Light to illuminate in us, to connect us, to reveal the Creator for us, meaning the general collective force of bestowal that is revealed among us.

This is why we read in Kabbalah books about the actions that are fulfilled within a group of people who try to connect. Of all the books, the most effective is The Book of Zohar since it describes these actions, this system, in the most perfect way.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/26/12, The Zohar

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