Autism as a Natural Phenomenon

592.04Comment: Autism is a very interesting phenomenon. Autistic people are strongly attached to those inanimate objects that surround them. And they don’t connect with people; they live in their own closed world and don’t let anyone in.

My Response: These are the states when a person is in transition. I don’t find them painful.

The fact is that we consider even mental illnesses to be violations. We don’t understand what it is. From an earthly point of view, these are indeed violations. Psychiatric problems are internal shifts, but they are on the borderline between the two worlds, and therefore they are felt by us in this way.

There is practically no treatment here. The only thing is that we need to create the most convenient conditions for such people, and they can be of great benefit. There are many professors and doctors of sciences in the world who, on one hand are diagnosed as autistic, and on the other hand, they are great scientists. But it is precisely in their narrow field.

And communication with other people or their own provision and care is a huge difficulty for them. They prefer to be given their own special territory and they exist in it.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Special Territory” 5/17/11

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