Autism, A 21st Century Problem

Laitman_182_02In the News (Russian-Bazaar): “In another few decades, a quarter of the children will be born with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). In addition, boys suffer from this disorder five times more than girls (4 out of 20). It is impossible to detect autism in the fetal stage of development or in the newborn. Phenomenal memory is nothing other than a result of autism.

“Many claim that autistics are much more talented and intelligent than regular children. But those that suffer from ASD are absolutely unprepared for independent living. They require constant care and supervision. The autistic can be used in scientific and technical fields, in mathematics and programming.

“They can prove themselves excellently in plants and factories, in hospitals and in laboratories. Military experts commend the skills of the autistic. These people can carry out any task if this task is defined precisely and correctly.

“Researchers compare autistics to representatives of extreme religious communities who feel happy only when they are in an environment that is familiar to them. They have their own laws, traditions and views, attributing much importance and value to these, but they don’t impose this on anyone.”

My Comment: All the “new” problems are cured only through mutual relationships in society because they are the result of a lag in the correction of society.

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  1. This subject is very near and dear to my heart. My 3 year old son is autistic.
    It was never planned on my part (to be a mother), but of course we have no say in this matter for the plan has already been predetermined.
    Rather, I was given a gift; and a gift indeed.
    Though the blows have not decreased in volume, they increased in meaning.
    And this gift forces me to put all my efforts into attaining that meaning, and directs me towards it; for surely without it… being controlled by doubt, darkness would have consumed.
    So I must bless and remember the place that it came from.
    For now my son is my little helper (A gift from Above to assist down below)… and in time he will be a great addition to ALL.

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