The Creator’s Point Of Connecting To His Kingdom

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the past, all of humanity lived together in ancient Babylon,  just in this world. But then a small group came out of Babylon and began to advance toward the Creator before everyone else. This group is called “Israel” because it yearns for the Creator, Yashar-El (straight to the Creator).

The Creator Point Of Connecting To His Kingdom
They attained the spiritual level and then fell from it. They went down to Egypt and came out of there, built the first and second Temples, which were destroyed, and eventually returned to this world and mixed with all of humanity. Now, we all must exit this world together.

First, the group of Israel exits the way it is, having undergone the shattering and the mutual incorporation in the entire world. Now, it is also called Israel, Yashar-El, and those who feel a yearning for the Creator are attracted to it.

Just like Abraham led everyone who followed him out of Babylon, now, too, anyone who wants to advance toward correction exits this world. After all, we have reached complete mutual incorporation.

We are in the same state that Israel once was, and we need to tie ourselves to the entire world, on the one hand, which we do through dissemination, and, on the other hand, connect to the Creator. This is our role.

We work with the entire world on the corporal level by disseminating the wisdom of connection in which we have a lot of experience, but working with the Creator is more problematic since we don’t understand, don’t feel, and don’t know how to do it. We are in a very delicate position when it comes to that, and so Kabbalists tell us how to establish our connection with the Creator. This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah is all about.

Our role is to connect the Creator to Malchut, to the desire to receive, as its carriers. We each carry parts of Malchut, but one part cannot connect with the Light, with the Creator. There must be ten Sefirot in Malchut, and it should be dressed in ZA, which is the Creator. It must attain at least the level of its Chazeh (chest).

Malchut begins from one point adhered to the Chazeh of ZA, but we must attain the point of connection, the unity, in order to be one point. If we all connect as one man in one heart, this point, in which we all shrink and connect, appears as we annul ourselves and leave only one point in order to connect to the Creator,

Thus, Malchut becomes a point, and this point begins to connect with ZA. Otherwise, there is no connection between Malchut and ZA, and without us it simply doesn’t exist and is in a shattered state, which means in our form as its fragments.
From the Talk about the Importance of Dissemination 4/10/14

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