The Creator’s Passion – To Do Good To His Created Beings

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do our efforts to achieve the connection of the people, unity, and from them creating a whole army of trainers and educators go along with the whole process of correction?

Answer: We are in this world and first we have to be connected to the Creator. Therefore we connect and form a group between us. But now it is impossible to ascend to spirituality if we don’t do it for the liberation of all the souls that are in the ego.

The Creator's Obsession--To Do Good To His Created Beings

We have reached a state called the final redemption. We already achieved this revolution in the past with leaving Babylon 1500 years BC until the year 2014.

Question: Where in this world today is Abraham who left Babylon with his students?

Answer: Abraham is us, our whole group that wants to advance to bestowal and to the revelation of the Creator by itself and which pulls the whole world behind it. The mission of this group is called Abraham.

Do you think that Abraham that the Torah tells us about is a name of a person or of an idea, a mission, a school, or a movement? Do you imagine Abraham as an old man with a cane, a revolutionist who wanted to change the world?

Abraham is a name of an inclination, a movement, an idea, a philosophy, a perspective, and so he is called the father of the nation. Due to this knowledge, approach, philosophy, people can arrange life differently—not according to the desires of our corporeal bodies but according to their spirit that yearns to come out to a wider space. We are in it, but we have to discover it and live in it.

Question: Why should we turn to the people and teach them this ideology?

Answer: It is impossible to complete the correction otherwise. We need to go through the state we are all in now in our world, from anti-love and anti-bestowal to love and bestowal. We acquire vessels, deficiencies, desires, with which we can later discover a different reality.

Question: Who demanded this correction? Was it Abraham’s compulsion?

Answer: It was the Creator’s passion, He wants our correction! His desire is to do good to His created beings.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/11/14, Talk About  Dissemination: Questions & Answers with Dr. Laitman

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  1. You state that The Creator wants our correction and that He desires to do good to us His creation. How can you know this since it is impossible to know the essence of The Creator? What evidence is there for these assertions? Or is it simply a matter of Faith Beyond Reason?

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