Climbing The Levels Of Difficulty

Laitman_041_01Question: I have made great efforts to overcome the problems of connection in the group and thought I had succeeded. But then I discovered that all the problems had only become more subtle and more difficult to detect. Aren’t I supposed to get use to this type of work with time?

Answer: A person is new at any given moment and so every moment he discovers that his foundations (our forefathers) engaged in idol worship. This is where he begins the new level. He discovers that he is in his egoism, in the desire to receive. He hates everyone and cannot bring himself to true bestowal. He is already able to somehow bestow in order to receive but not to bestow in order to bestow.

It is from this uncorrected state that he begins to work. He has to organize the right support in order to get closer to the true form of bestowal called faith, above his personal accounts. He has to find out whether this is possible.

We can perform different actions in the group and awaken the Surrounding Light that performs the action. There are actions that don’t draw the Surrounding Light unto us, on the contrary, they have no illumination from above. Therefore, performing them in a big group will not lead to any results.

There are actions we perform in the group and thus draw the Surrounding Light, which is the Light that has to be revealed in the corrected vessel. The vessel is not corrected yet, but it is focused on correction, which means it tries, makes an effort, sweats, and is in the process, exerting itself. In response to such efforts, the Light operates, and this is what everything is based on.

A habit is a special angel, a special force that was deliberately introduced in our system. Because, in fact, a habit doesn’t really exist. It is like an electric system that receives no energy, and thus immediately stops working. You cannot be upset that electricity ran through it before and now it doesn’t. We have to start anew each time, and therefore, there can be no habit, since every state has a force, its own angel.

We have overcome this once and it is recorded in us. This system already exists and operates, but an even more corrupt system is revealed in it and we have to take care of it. In fact, it is the same system but through higher resolution that allows us to see things more deeply.

I don’t fight myself anymore in order to get up in the morning and to go to the lesson. I have been doing that for years. But then new obstacles appear and there is a greater hardening of the heart, and suddenly I begin to fall asleep during the lesson, which I didn’t do before.

We are constantly ascending the levels of complexity. But there are no habits; every moment my relation with the Creator is totally new, the conditions change. We have to discover that “There is none else besides Him” in every condition and go on accordingly, which means that we have to reach adhesion: very short and accurate actions.

In the corporeal world these actions include the whole world, which we have to connect to us, but it is actually only several actions. The more we advance, the clearer these actions become. Instead of “Holy and Blessed” (Kadosh Baruch Hu), the Creator, the holy names of ten (ADNI, HaVaYaH Elokim, etc.) there is the force of bestowal, the force of faith, very simple concepts: GAR of Bina, ZAT of Bina. We have to try to bring everything to the most concise definitions.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/20/13, Writing of Rabash

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