Development With Or Without Personal Participation

laitman_760_5Question: What is the difference between development with personal participation and development without personal participation?

Answer: In the course of development there were small and insignificant changes in different kinds of plants and animals, but we understand that a horse and a cow could not willingly change except as a result of the environment or certain genetic changes. On the other hand, we think that we develop according to our initiative developed from generation to generation by wisdom, science, and changes in social structure. Thanks to correct nutrition man became taller, the quality of his way of life improved. Even the results of our medical tests changed. And we assume that it is thanks to our efforts.

But we study that all matter is the desire to receive. It makes the maximum efforts to come closer to fulfillment, and in every situation distances itself from suffering in every place in the optimum form, according to the prospect it sees in the future.

Education and science influence it, but actually man chooses for himself the good and makes efforts to escape the bad. Therefore, we are totally managed from above by pleasure or suffering; we are between two reins without any freedom of choice, as if the person does not exist.

We progressed in this manner until today, although we are proud of our high achievements in culture, creativity, science, and construction. But all of these are still without the involvement of man himself. Man has always searched for the most benefit in the inner and exterior conditions that the Creator molded for him.

Therefore, man used to change and do things like a small child who plays with a game he received. However, in addition to this, man also developed the recognition of evil. In the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature he developed an instinctive form, similar to the level of animate, and at the level of man he searched for what is better for him or less good for him.

An animal does not think, it always knows what to do. It receives the recognition of the situation and the command at the same time. In man it’s not the case. Therefore, he must develop science in order to know how to behave in each moment in an optimal form. The process in which we developed is called “in its time” (Beito). And we were able to continue to develop, but we found ourselves facing big problems. No more instructions from above as to what to do, no more hints for instinctive solutions. Now, by ourselves, we need to correctly face the coming situations by “raising MAN (prayer) and good deeds.” This is why we need a new science that is opposed to our nature, because now we need to take this upon ourselves in addition to “the work of God.”

For that we need to receive “the Godly part from above.” If the Creator is not giving it to us, then we must demand Him to bring down the upper software and according to the software we will be able to progress. It means that we need the soul, the part that enables us to understand how to continue our existence in the new terms.

Whether it is “in its time” or “hastened” (Achishena) we will be obliged to acquire the new software, the new operation, the awareness, the solution, and the feelings. We will be obliged to be equipped with all the forces in order to continue from now on in an independent form and not an instinctive form. Therefore, this is the reason for the wisdom of Kabbalah being revealed and how it guides us. We must understand that we are in a new era.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/25/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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