Defeating The Creator

laitman_537Question: How do I identify the spies inside me who force me to be critical about the group and the friends in the spiritual work?

Answer: If a person doesn’t divide himself into two parts: he and his feelings, he cannot identify the spies. He cannot distinguish that they are spies but thinks that they are friends who help him along the way.

The spies do indeed help a person, but they are help against. It is the Creator who sends them even when he hardens Pharaoh’s heart during the wandering in the desert and throughout our life. But if I don’t identify with the Creator, I cannot see that they are spies and will not see that they operate from the negative side.

The main thing is to attribute everything that happens to me to the upper source and to see that He is before me playing with me. I must understand how to respond to His game and how I can defeat Him thanks to the group and to everything we have learned and all the Kabbalists’ advice! As it says, “My sons have defeated me!”

I defeat the Creator. He gives me new exercises each time and I have to realize that it comes from Him and that there is nothing but the upper leadership, the good that does good.

When I wake up in the morning I have to say: “If I am not for me who is for me?” And in the evening: “There is none else besides Him.”

Comment: But these spies appear suddenly and divert me to different external thoughts!

Answer: Ask yourself why you are not ready to accept them as you should? Now when you are sitting in the lesson you are smart and can distinguish where the Creator and all His creations are. You realize that He is playing with you and thus teaches you like you teach a child and brings you closer to Him.

Now, it is absolutely clear to you that this is a fixed game with a predetermined end and you know that you cannot refuse to play. The only thing you are required to do, like a small child, is to understand that and to participate in it so that you would grow and become like the Creator, like your teacher.

But why don’t you accept every moment of your life that way? Why aren’t you ready for it? This is the only thing about which you have to ask; this is the only important thing: how to be constantly aware, perceive, maintain the right attitude towards everything that happens in order to understand the situation.

But why do you keep falling? You lack something so that you won’t fall. You lack adhesion with the Creator! So ask! If you are adhered to the Creator, at least a bit, you will accept every picture that opens up before you in a consecutive order as a game you are playing with the Creator. Then you will hear Him say: “Come to Pharaoh for I have hardened his heart,” and you will make one more step.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/4/14Writings of Rabash

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