Learning The Creator’s Language

laitman_527If a person doesn’t feel that everything that happens inside him and in all of reality comes from the Creator, who is the only source of life, it is called punishment. And the feeling of detachment itself also comes from the Creator and isn’t the person’s will. There is no greater punishment than being detached from the Creator, that is, to forget that everything comes from above, from Him.

A person should continuously renew his contact with the Creator, consider His thoughts, and decide how to answer every appeal that comes from Him. What happens to me makes no difference. What’s important is that everything comes from Him: both the negative and positive thoughts. At one time I bless Him and another time I curse Him; once I want to remember that He is everywhere and another time I don’t want to remember that He exists and yearn for physical corporeal pleasures.

But all of that is sent by Him, and we should examine all these situations that are mostly unpleasant. It is because the Creator shows me to what extent I am immersed in my shallow, lowly ego, while I have to find the right answer and understand why the Creator sends me such desires and thoughts and why I want to respond the way I do and not the way I should.

If I work that way, I begin to feel that I need support and that it is impossible to manage by myself. I can escape the group and manage by myself only in my corporeal life by hiding from the Creator and without feeling guilty in any way, but if I really want to advance, I immediately feel that I must clarify my relations with Him.

There is no one in the world I settle my accounts with but Him, since He is the only source. Therefore, I feel that I have to be in a group, connected to the teacher, and that I need support.

In this case I already tighten the connection with the friends and with the teacher and begin to listen. It is because I need advice as to what to do in order to be connected to the Creator constantly and not forget about Him, to properly see that every moment in my life comes from Him. I must remember that even my trivial thoughts and my corporeal desires come from Him. Everything comes from Him in order to push me to even greater adhesion to Him, to closeness.

This is what my response should be. It means that we speak the same language. He sends me different signals and I respond to them: “I understand and I tune myself more and more to You.”

Thus, I get closer to the Creator and perceive Him in greater and more accurate resolution. I begin to learn His language. There are many languages in the world that don’t allow us to understand one another. Here I learn the Creator’s language: how he turns to me and how I should answer Him.

If a person and the group focus themselves that way they succeed very quickly and attain contact with the Creator because He begins to teach us every moment of our life.

Learning The Creator Language
All of creation is influenced that way by the Creator and thus advances and gets closer and closer on its way back to the Creator. First, there was the spreading of the worlds from the top down and the shattering, then human history evolved, and now we begin to ascend in order to return to the world of Infinity.
From the Convention In France “One For All And All For One,” Day Two 5/10/14, Lesson 4

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