Children Of A Global Crisis

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The number of children with the inability to socialize is on the rise. Why is it happening and how can they be helped?

Answer: Today we witness many strange and unclear phenomena in humanity. The wisdom of Kabbalah gives them a general explanation: We are now completing the period of humanity’s egoistic development and entering a period of its correction. The period of egoistic development lasted for 5771 years, from the time of Adam up to our time. The correction consists of not employing the egoism for receiving and absorbing everything into oneself or using others for self-fulfillment.

Upon reaching the end of its development, the egoistic desire feels emptiness and a lack of fulfillment. It can’t develop any further, neither in regard to normal social behavior and interaction, nor in the sphere of science and culture, nor education and family relations. Humanity is experiencing a crisis because our life is built on the egoistic nature that has reached the end of its development. This is precisely the cause of social disorders, autism, and developmental and behavioral problems.

The affect of medical advances is also at work: In past generations such children simply didn’t survive because no one knew how to deal with them.

Only the general correction of egoism can help these children. After all, they are a part of society which is spoiled relative to the entire “organism” of humanity. If we begin to correct ourselves and strengthen the positive force of love and interaction within the society, we will cure these children.

We’ll suddenly see that they are beginning to feel, react, and understand more and simply live. We give them a life force by studying Kabbalah as it draws a positive force into our world. This is the only means for overcoming all problems related to the general crisis.
From a TV Program “Ask the Kabbalist” No. 187 July 7, 2010

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  1. I have to come to your attention that using too much Gevurah, all we done is increased judgement, which the Zohar has already proven to bring out evil. So here it is: I think that the sentence “This is the only means” makes the whole article unusable. As I experienced, any time we have only one choice, chaos is born, wars are raised, externally and internally.

  2. I have three children, the oldest having Asperger’s syndrome (aka high-functioning autism), the other two being highly sensitive and empathetic like myself. After discovering Kabbalah and implementing its teachings into my parenting I am finding significant improvement with my children and myself as a mother. We communicate better, aren’t as frustrated with others, and I’m finding that we are enjoying each other exponentially.

    Parenting children with such special needs has been a challenge but is also very rewarding and I feel extremely blessed and honored to have been entrusted to guide, nurture, and love them in this life.

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