Let’s Experiment!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Kabbalah is an experimental science. Can we relate to the current convention as to an experiment?

Answer: Each of us is a Kabbalist and a scientist in a sense that he carries out an experiment on himself and experiences the application of Kabbalah, its conclusions and correctness personally.

Some 30 years ago I was reading the well-known book Shamati (I Heard) and I understood, perhaps, one one-hundredth of a percent from it. Then, with each year, re-reading it and feeling its result on myself, I compared what was going on with me to what was written in the book and was astonished to discover that this book really described everything that was happening with me. And so I keep re-reading Shamati over the course of 30 years (I received it in 1979), and each time I discover that this book talks about me.

Even after ten years this book will reveal itself to me as a source that describes everything about me. Everything! This is because the person who wrote it began from the bottom, as do all people, and then ascended spiritually and wrote it from a spiritual level which I am not able to reach yet.

And if I were to rise higher, then I would suddenly discover that this book no longer speaks of the states I am going though. It would become clear to me; I would clearly see that the author reaches only up to a particular level and no further.

We see this with some of the Kabbalistic book authors, although it does not depreciate them in any way! They wrote up to the level which they had attained, and it is the same with each one of us.

On the other hand, what right do we have to interpret, write, and add to the writings of the great Kabbalists of the past? The truth of the matter is that we write what is correct at our levels. It is precisely because we are small that we can write all of this through this level. This way, it is easier for the people who come to Kabbalah to find contact with our material, rather than with the great works of the past because those Kabbalists wrote them from a great spiritual height.

But, ultimately, today we are truly carrying out an experiment on ourselves, and we will keep carrying out this experiment throughout our whole life until we reach the very end of correction. That is why Kabbalah, as compared to the rest of the sciences, does not work outside the person. You are not studying something that is outside of yourself, but rather on yourself, within yourself. So, let’s experiment!
From Lesson 3 Berlin Convention 1/28/2011

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  1. Some say the human body is a complex machine. However your concluding paragraph seems to suggest that, performing experiments on our bodies should make the body a laboratory or the workman’s bench?

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