When will the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel Be Discovered?

747.03Comment: Michel writes: “The people of Israel are not only modern Israel, but also those ten lost tribes of Israel. Where are they? Who are they? For what purpose and why did the Lord lose them? Laitman may know the answer.”

My Response: Laitman may know the answer, but why do we need to know the answer? We need to reach a state where all the tribes will begin to manifest in our world so that we would find out who they are, and so that all humanity could join these 12 tribes, and thus we would reach universal correction.

Comment: If we follow the order, it turns out like this: there were 12 tribes of Israel, then 10 tribes, let’s say, disappeared, dissolved into the world, and two tribes remained. As we know, they built the Second Temple and then they went into exile.

My Response: Yes, they have dispersed somewhere there. Something remained, and this is us today.

Question: Where did these 10 tribes disappear to, as if dissolved into nowhere? They entered the world and disappeared. Where are they, who are they, for what and why did the Creator do this?

Answer: To plant seeds, embryos of the quality of bestowal and love in the general mass of humanity. They carried these seeds into the world and gradually worked there for thousands of years. And nowadays they are beginning to sprout.

After all, the fact that we are connecting with each other, as humanity on this planet, is also for a reason. This is a manifestation of the qualities of bestowal, the qualities of love, and the qualities of connection, which come only from these original qualities of the tribes.

Question: That is, the Creator deliberately launched these 10 tribes into the world. What is this magnet that will start pulling them out now in our time?

Answer: The quality of the Creator begins to be revealed in our world. On one hand this is like the recognition of the evil of our nature. On the other hand, this is a direct desire between people for cooperation due to the fact that only in this way can they save themselves, develop, and so on.

The Creator is as if coming closer to the world. This is the magnet that will gradually begin to pull humanity to the understanding that it is necessary to rise above all problems in the connection above ourselves and that only the connection between us saves us and will save the world, and that it is benevolent.

This is the action of the 10 lost tribes. The most important thing is connection, mutual connection.

Everything comes from Joseph and his brothers, who started fighting with each other. They went down to Egypt, and all these problems began. There were dreadful wars between them in Egypt!

This is terrible! There was enormous hatred in all generations between them, so that egoistic evil would eventually be revealed. It existed especially between the Jews so that they would begin to exit Egypt.

Comment: Everyone expects that when the 10 tribes begin to appear, some nations will begin to move to Israel. They will be found somewhere in Afghanistan, somewhere in Pakistan. And they will begin to move here, to Eretz Israel. This is how everyone imagines this.

My Response: I think that this will not happen in the form of some great migration. No.

It will be a great ascent of all nations, in different measures, to varying degrees, in order to reach the upper revelation, insight, and to feel the upper force in the connection with each other.

This is how the Creator calls us to reveal Him, pulls us to Himself in this way and awakens such desires in us.

Question: Is this call already sounding now?

Answer: I think so. At least, I feel how it awakens in people’s desire for knowledge, for the revelation of the Creator, for attainment. This should be manifested very quickly.

If not, then accordingly there will be great suffering. And it will push us forward. It is better not through suffering, but through yearning.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/2/22

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