To Kill or Cover with Love

13.07Comment: Victor writes: “You contradict yourself. On one hand, you call for covering evil with love. On the other hand, you recall the words from the Bible: “He who comes to kill you, kill him first.” How does it all fit together?”

My Response: These are laws, and there is nothing one can do about it. If a person comes to kill you, then you must kill him first. There is no choice here.

Question: When does the second law apply, the one you are talking about, the main one, that “evil must be covered with love“?

Answer: Love your neighbor as yourself.

Question: How does it all connect?

Answer: It does not connect. If someone wants to kill you, there is no other choice. Which means, you have to kill him first.

Question: What should my attitude be to the fact that he came to kill me? Like to evil that came to me?

Answer: Yes, as to a person who comes to kill you, and you have to kill him so that this evil will not be manifested in the world anymore.

Question: When does this law “to cover evil with love” arise?

Answer: This is not about killing. We are talking about the fact that one shows evil to the other. Therefore, the other one has to show him an example that is opposite of this.

Question: So, are these two different laws?

Answer: Two completely different levels. One, you cut off, and the second, you cover and correct.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/12/22

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