Above Reception and Bestowal

610.2Question: According to Kabbalah, there are two forces at the base of everything: the force of bestowal, which integrates all systems, and the force of reception, which differentiates and divides, and that is why we have such diversity in the world. Which of these forces does the Creator belong to?

Answer: There is no Creator. Something that is like a Creator appears to us in opposite forces: reception-bestowal, plus-minus, and so on.

This upper thought is above both forces, only in relation to us it does manifest itself in this way, and therefore we call it the Creator. But in fact, there is something higher, abstract, unrelated to us.

Question: Which means, if we talk about the Creator as an upper force, a plan, then in our sensations, it manifests itself in the form of two forces: reception and bestowal. But is it Him? Is this His manifestation in relation to us?

Answer: We have nothing more to talk about. We can only explore what is manifested in relation to our sensory organs.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/7/22

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