Difficult Times

285.01Question: The Academic Vernadsky wrote that we are approaching a great revolution in the history of mankind. Soon humanity will be given atomic weapons. Will it be able to turn this power to good? He spoke about the fact that scientists should be aware of their responsibility for the consequences of their research. Will humanity be able to turn this to good?

Answer: This is a big question because it is Kabbalah that claims that the third and even the fourth world war are possible: atomic, hydrogen, and neutron. Everything depends on us.

The current cataclysms are destined to reveal our interconnectedness and globalism. Therefore, we have no other choice but to come to equilibrium in a closed, global, integrated system, i.e., to the correct mutual connection in it where everyone takes his place and takes care of the whole system because otherwise it cannot exist.

Nature pushes us to realize this state, and it is very difficult for us. We are egoists, and we cannot act differently. But gradually, our interdependence will be revealed to us to such an extent that we will have nowhere to go.

And if we still want to run away, then, God forbid, there may be war, which in its critical form will still cause us to realize the need for correct unification and reach the noosphere.

Question: Does it not matter that practically the majority of humanity will die in this war?

Answer: It does not matter. For example, when there are problems with animals and some population decreases several-fold, then, on the contrary, it multiplies due to the changes in external conditions. The same is happening with humanity. We must look at humanity as naturally as we look at everything else.

But now we have the opportunity to enter the noosphere, this upper sphere, where we will exist at a level independent from our physical world. This is what we can achieve: eternal, perfect existence. This is why Kabbalah is revealed, and Vernadsky is helping us from below.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Prophet” 11/23/11

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