Any Day Can Become a Turning Point

284Question: Why did many researchers call 2012 a turning point in human development?

Answer: I did not consider this year to be a turning point, but even before that I was skeptical about many things. For example, although many great Kabbalists, such as Baal HaSulam, the Gaon of Vilnius, and others, wrote that Kabbalah would begin to be revealed to the masses in 1995, I did not believe that this would happen. I speak frankly about this.

That is, I did not see in my Kabbalistic studies how this could happen. On my still spiritual, but small level, I did not see this. They, however, being very prominent discoverers of the spiritual world, discovered it. Outwardly, I agreed with their vision, but inside, as a researcher, I was skeptical. Kabbalah is a science, and I have the right to say that I did not feel it.

The same is true for 2012. I did not see any suppositions for this year to be special. Now any year, any day, can be a turning point in the development of humanity. Some small blow is enough to seriously awaken a person, as, for example, academician Vernadsky awakened in his time, but not so much through a personal drama.

However, we need a shake-up so that a person seriously rises above his little world and asks: “What for? Why? How? I need to know the answer.” And then he will need to reveal Kabbalah.

It will become the means by which he will open the “noosphere” and all the upper worlds, and reach the connection of both worlds and the eternal, infinite, perfect existence—not dying, but rising above his animate level to the spiritual level.

Question: Did Vernadsky call the noosphere a certain new level of existence?

Answer: Yes. But anyway, this word does not exist in Kabbalah, just like many others. For example, there is no term “holism” from the English words for “everything” or “completely.” But in principle this is heading in the same direction. Only Kabbalah divides this into many different levels and gives them their own names.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Prophet” 11/23/11

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