To a New Round of Humanity

214Question: The Russian scholar Vladimir Vernadsky came to the doctrine of the “noosphere” at the junction of the First and Second World Wars, which, as he wrote, completely changed his consciousness because he began to analyze the reason why world wars occur and where they lead.

Why did scientists of such magnitude see a new stage in the development of mankind during the times of severe upheavals?

Answer: What else can lead humanity to some changes if not upheavals? Otherwise we won’t wake up.

If a man is a desire to receive, to enjoy, and to be filled, then when I get what I want, I no longer have any needs; I will be content. If a new desire has arisen, I fill it. Otherwise, I have no motivation to move; I will not develop myself.

New desires arise from within me according to some internal program unknown to me. If they automatically get filled from the outside, then I myself do not exist, there is no movement coming from me. A person can be developed only by constantly arousing newer and newer desires in him and, at the same time, not giving him fulfillment so he will look for how to fill himself.

This leads us to progress. Later we reach some kind of impasse and see that we can no longer fill ourselves. This is a characteristic feature of our generation. Hence we see depression, suicide, drug use, and everything else. New desires appear, but nobody knows how to fill them.

Moreover, some desires lie beyond this world. Therefore we begin to relate to our world nihilistically, indifferently, with detachment. We are overwhelmed with desires for something more, to which we see no answers in our world. Where is the source of those pleasures that I desire?

This is how nature pushes us to open the noosphere.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Prophet” 11/23/11

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