The Influence of Solar Activity

742.03Comment: There were periods in history when Earth’s electromagnetic field was so weakened it practically disappeared. As a result of this, people’s memories were erased in some regions; their consciousness was erased.

My Response: Of course! As a consequence of the influence of this field.

Look what flares occur on the Sun! Now they are small. We only say that it is a flare. We have no idea what kind of protuberances can reach the Earth. If not by their own emission, then by an electromagnetic one, and so strongly that all means of communication, the Internet, and everything on Earth will instantly fail. We depend on our poles and on the electromagnetic effect of the Sun. It is the strongest.

While other effects are slow, the effect of the Sun spreads very quickly, penetrates us, and causes instantaneous reactions up to the point that memory can be erased. This is actually the case.

What is memory? An electrochemical system in which various dipoles are combined. They make up the memory of a person.

What is an atom? Plus and minus. What are molecules? Plus and minus qualities, formations that combine with external electrons, free radicals, and other formations of a certain valence. That is, all this is electrical, all this is electrochemistry.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Pole Inversion” 5/15/11

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