Glory to Pharaoh

115.06Comment: An interesting letter came from Anna: “I have been living in Cairo for 30 years. My husband is Egyptian, we have four children. I am a pediatrician and have already gotten used to living here. But it was not easy for me early on. I found you on the Internet three years ago and have been with you ever since. My husband knows about it and does not mind. But I always shudder when you talk about Egypt as evil, as egoism. I cannot get rid of the feeling that you are also talking about the Egypt I live in, which I started considering my homeland. Why not Greece or Italy, but Egypt. Can you explain?”

Answer: This particular root is called so. By the way, we owe all the good things to it. No one has done better for us than Egypt. It kept us, saved us, and reared us. We developed into a free nation and wished to become free ourselves. It is all thanks to Egypt.

In fact, I do not believe that the Egyptians treated us cruelly. They were very developed people within the framework of earthly life. Very cultured, serious people. And what kind of life was it, how long did they live in total, 25 years?

Comment: It is said: And Pharaoh arose and began to oppress the people of Israel, and their work was hard. It says that it was hard and difficult for people.

My Response: I do not see this as bad, no. I have a very respectful attitude toward Egypt in general, I would even say somewhere deep down a loving attitude because it brought us up, it formed us. We entered it as a crowd, and Egypt formed us and raised us to the level of good egoism.

It showed us with its oppression what freedom is—the opposite of Egypt. It even sacrificed itself so we would strive for freedom.

Question: Is Egypt then evil?

Answer: Of course it is evil. This egoism developed in us on purpose. Pharaoh is our great friend.

Question: So what should I say to Anna?

Answer: Live and enjoy with the feeling that you are in the right place.

Question: What would you say about Egypt as evil and as egoism?

Answer: It is the evil that heals. Like poison used to make medicine. Therefore, give respect to Egypt. In short, do not curse, do not spit into the well, but realize that you exist because of it. This well has raised you and made you a nation.

Question: So we entered Egypt, as you say, as a crowd and came out a true nation?

Answer: Nomads who do not know nor understand anything entered. Absolutely! And everything that is in us we understood, saw, and learned from the Egyptians.

Comment: I see. But still you are talking about Joseph and his brothers…

My Response: And who were they? They did not know or understand anything.

Question: So, should I say “Glory to Pharaoh”?

Answer: Yes. You must kiss the stick that teaches you. Is there another way? It is impossible to advance without suffering. And if suffering advances you, respect the suffering.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/4/22

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