Special Time

167Question: What is special for you in the present time in what is happening in the world right now?

Answer: I think our time is special. We are in a state of intensified development of humanity’s awareness of its destructive egoistic nature. I hope this will give us an opportunity to understand our state and find a way to fix it.

Question: What worries you personally?

Answer: Frankly speaking, nothing bothers me deeply except for one thing. As the great Kabbalist of the beginning of the 20th century Baal HaSulam writes, we are in the last generation, which means, in the generation that must reach the recognition of the final inferiority of our egoism, the impossibility of correcting it, and being cured of the ego by rising above it.

To bring a person to this, there are a huge number of negative forces that will cause suffering in us, up to the third and fourth nuclear world wars. Therefore, I am concerned about whether we will be able to achieve recognition and correction through it, or whether we will have to go through enormous suffering.

Question: So on one hand, you feel deep calmness, and on the other hand anxiety?

Answer: Peace of mind is that we will reach the final state anyway. It can be seen, but it’s very far away. In principle, it is close, but it depends on how you look at it because it is in our hands to make a leap to it, to reject egoism, to try to move to another level of communication between us. Otherwise, we will have to do it under the influence of a terrible coercive force.

Question: Is it realistic for an individual to see this final state?

Answer: Kabbalists see it. And the rest of the people will have to feel a little bit the impossibility of continuing life in the paradigm we exist in now and agree with this.

Consent gives a person the opportunity to realize that another form of his attitude to the world, to people, to loved ones, to the connection between us is necessary. We must exchange our negative egoistic interactions for positive, altruistic ones that will fill the entire space between us.

We must come to this realization. I say “realization” because actions are actually done by nature, but in accordance with our wishes.

Question: Is there anything that particularly inspires you now?

Answer: I am inspired by the fact that our time is very saturated with all kinds of events that are altering us at a great speed. This is incomparable with what we went through in previous generations.

I really hope that we will come to a state where we really realize the evil of egoism as our mortal enemy, and we will do everything possible to get rid of it.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 10/19/21

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