Love Covers All Crimes

laitman_963.1It is written, “Love will cover all crimes.” What crimes are we talking about? Crimes are everything that prevents me from entering spirituality. I do not commit any crimes because initially, I am full of them as a result of the shattering of the soul arranged by the Creator. When we begin to study Kabbalah and work in a group, we understand what it is that disallows us from revealing the spiritual world and the Creator and who obscures the true reality from us, plugs our ears, shuts our eyes and all our senses. We are in an illusory world that has no connection with reality; it is all crimes because it conceals spirituality from us.

The Creator has prepared all these crimes, this concealment we live inside. We need to know this in order to understand that concealment is my whole life and existence.

Concealment is a result of my qualities because “everyone judges according to one’s own flaws.” Therefore, I depict the world inside my qualities and see it as corrupted instead of seeing the real world outside of me.

The wisdom of Kabbalah helps us move from the world we are currently imagining to the real world. The real world is the Creator. The world of deception I am in now, the world of crime, is the anti-Creator. It is not just the opposite of the Creator where I see instead of Him, Pharaoh in all his strength and force of egoism. Such a Pharaoh I will reveal as the left line only at very high degrees of the Creator’s attainment.

Now, however, I childishly feel and imagine a small gloomy world inside my shallow desires. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us the true perception of reality and how to turn deception into truth, which button to press in order to change the program to see, instead of a false representation, the true one.

There is only the means prepared by the Creator that can help me in this; it is the group. No matter how much I hate the friends and repel them because of my egoistic nature, the main thing is not to leave this path, but continue on and on, year after year. I agree to be in the search for truth, even if I will not achieve a visible result.

After all, it is better to be on the path to the truth, seeking the truth, rather than to live in a world of deception as in the effect of a deadly drug, inside the illusion created by the Creator for those who are not yet ready to turn a lie into truth.

In the entire reality, there is one part designated to help me and it is the group. The influence of the environment is the level with which I can turn the world. It seems so burdensome and boring to us, but little by little after many years we finally realize that there is no choice: The only means with which to change our world is to change ourselves through the group by subjugating before it.1

The European convention portrays the shattered state of the world to us in the most internal, true form. The convention is my ten, only in a different resolution, zoomed in, on a different scale. Eight hundred friends who attended are my ten. I must relate to them in this way, after all, each of them carries a part of the Creator within himself.

If I treat everybody as one ten, I will not miss anything from my soul, I connect them together and get support from them because they want the same thing. It turns out that if we reach such intensity, through our joint efforts, we can reveal the Creator right on the spot, between us.

This is the first spiritual degree, the first exercise that we need to do according to the principle “love will cover all crimes.” Where does love come from? It comes from the fact that I love the spiritual point that is in everyone, “the divine part from above.” I connect these points building from them the image of the Creator.2

I have to see a thousand people as one group. This is my ten, only under the magnifying glass that multiplies everything a hundred times. All the disturbances and the connection that I want to reach above them—all of it is a hundred times bigger.3
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/6/19, “Love Covers All Crimes” (Preparation for the Convention in Bulgaria)

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