All of It Is Me

423.02Question: Where does a person’s feeling that everything is divided into “I” and “others” come from?

Answer: From our egoism. Our soul is divided into two parts: the inner part, which I feel as myself, and the outer, which I feel as the outside world. These two parts are separated in me by an egoistic partition, which is evil.

Therefore, I do not feel the outside world as myself. I do not imagine that this is also me, that this is also mine. Herein lay our stupidity, short-sightedness, and blindness!

If I saw the world correctly, I would understand that all of it is me, my soul. Everything external, everything that exists, everything that is beyond me, is my one single soul. Then I would treat everything differently.

Our egoism is specially created in such a way that it contrasts the inner part of the soul with the outer one and makes us egoists who care only about what is inside. Everything that is outside, in my blindness, I do not consider as part of myself and destroy and despise it and rejoice if someone is feeling bad. Later it will be revealed, and we will soon reveal, that it is actually me. How badly I treated it! I despised and did everything to the detriment of my closest ones, my children, parents, and so on.

After all, everything that is outside of me is either my parents or my children and grandchildren—either backward or forward. This is all of humanity in previous reincarnations or in the future ones. We cannot imagine that.

Suddenly it turns out that, let’s say, the Japanese are my closest, beloved, relatives. Look what is happening to theme and I am gloating.

Such a terrible revelation of the truth awaits all of humanity! That is, you destroy, kill, harm, and suddenly you are told: “It is your little son.” And you were destroying him.

This is what we will see and on a universal scale. It is this feeling of remorse and horror that will befall a person! However, it will lead us to the fact that we finally shake ourselves up so that we mingle with each other and discover ourselves as absolutely one common whole.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Branch of Sakura” 5/15/11

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