Water: Information Carrier

764.3Question: They say that water has memory. What is this phenomenon?

Answer: Water has special characteristics. We know its properties such as its freezing point, dew point, as well as others, without water life on Earth would be impossible. We are completely adjusted to these properties because they are the most basic for us at the bodily level.

And in the spiritual, water is the source of everything. A source in the sense that if it accompanies any living process, there is a place for it and it will be executed correctly. As soon as the water disappears from there, it closes within itself and dries up.

Comment: It is believed that the memory of previous generations is embedded in the water.

My Response: The fact is that memory is not a property of water itself. Water is a carrier of memory, which is transferred through it from one generation to another, from one Partzuf to another. Souls communicate with each other through water. Water is a carrier of information.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Special Territory” 5/17/22

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