Why Are We Created to Be so Different?

423.01Comment: The famous psychiatrist, Carl Jung, believed that problems get solved when one begins to understand that conflicts often arise due to different ways of perceiving the world, rather than egocentrism or malicious intent.

My Response: Naturally. We are all different, otherwise we would not be “we,” but a single copy of man. Therefore if we say that some of our opinions coincide, it is because we take the liberty to compare our opinions and conclude that they are the same.

But actually this comes from the fact that we cannot measure or somehow elucidate them in order to recognize that there are never two identical states, opinions, and so on.

Question: In fact there is no malicious intent here; there are different perceptions that we are not able to coincide in the first place. But don’t we have to somehow come to an agreement?

Answer: It depends on your goals.

Question: What is the purpose of such a system, i.e., the laws by which everything is made?

Answer: The reason we were made so differently by the Creator is so we would come to understand that we are the same, and even more, that we are one whole.

Question: What will it give a person?

Answer: The truth.

Question: What will it give the Creator?

Answer: People having revealed Him in truth.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 4/29/22

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