Will There Be Peace and Love on Our Planet?

715Question from Facebook: Is a state where all people gradually come to the one Creator and peace and love prevail on our planet, a kind of utopian, idyllic world possible in our world? Or is it impossible?

Answer: Of course it is possible. I am sure it can even happen in our time. Everything depends on us because the situation is ripe.

Our generation is called the last generation in Kabbalistic sources because it has already matured enough to realize its correct state and understand that we will never be able to achieve anything good with our egoism; we see that our children will be even more unhappy than we are. We see this in what is happening in the world.

The only thing we need to do is to discover what happiness and the real purpose of development of humanity depends on and go toward it. Kabbalah explains this. Let us start implementing it.
From KabTV’s “Answers to Questions from Facebook”

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