Internal Perception of Each Other

294.1In spiritual work, the main thing is an inner feeling. Gradually, everything is transforming. Physical meetings are becoming less frequent and virtual meetings are becoming more frequent so that people feel each other more through big screens.

A person may still need some kind of visual representation, but in general, he will move to virtual perception and through virtual to spiritual.

Spiritual perception is no longer connected with the body; whether you live or die, are far away or close, in the same or in different worlds, depends only on whether the attaining person who is in contact with you covers these areas or not.

If he feels you only through the body, then his adapter includes only five corporeal sensory organs. If you are in the sphere of his “radar,” then he catches you, and if you are outside of his five senses, then he does not catch you.

But for a person who acquires spiritual senses, this problem does not exist. It does not matter to him whether you are here or already without a body in another world because he is always focused on the essence of this object, and the essence is eternal, it does not die.

I hope we will come to such a state where we begin to feel that our friends all over the world simply exist together with us. They either live far away or have already disposed of their outer shell and are only in the spiritual state; it will not matter at all!

Like people who live with each other for a long time and in general no longer see the exterior of a person, for them he is a kind of an inner image. It is the same here. I am sure this will happen.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Very Important Congress“ 4/21/13

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