Becoming the Master of the Entire Universe

707Comment: Let’s say you watch the news and realize that the world is heading toward certain things; in other words, man is just doing stupid things and making unnecessary actions.

My Response: Why are they unnecessary? These are not stupid things but stages of growth. Humanity must grow.

Question: Are you not annoyed by these stages of growth?

Answer: You are talking like a little kid who thinks: “Let’s just jump; I want to be a grown-up!” However, I, who knows everything that a child has to accumulate over many years of his development, understand that he cannot immediately become a grown-up. He has to grow and accumulate a great deal of knowledge and skills, and only after that will he become an adult person.

There is nothing we can do. I understand what a great system stands behind each of us, what kind of work a person must do so that this system will open to him so he finally begins to really work on it, to take upon himself the functions of the Creator. This is the future work of each of us.

A Kabbalist is someone who is already beginning to take over the functions of the Creator, who understands a certain part of the system, and is learning from Him. Therefore, on one hand, he is called a worker of the Creator or His disciple. In essence, all of humanity must assume this function, that is, become the master of the entire universe, of all worlds. To do this, we have much to learn.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Stages Of Development” 7/5/13

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