A Kabbalist’s Concern For The World

961.2Comment: You say that the perspective of the world should be corrected, but when I watch the news I see different things happening in the world which I don’t feel at all.

This worries me a little because I always think about Rabash who used to listen to the news and was very sensitive to everything that happens in the world, and cared deeply about everyone as if they were his own sons. This means that my feelings are nothing like the feelings of Rabash.

My Response: It is not such a bad thing, since you have not reached Rabash’s level yet. It is a good thing that you care, keep caring.

Rabash understood all the problems of the world, how they manifest themselves in him, and it was of course very painful for him. You don’t feel that humanity is like your children, and therefore you are indifferent. “So what if something burns, if someone was murdered, if something happened? Millions of people are killed around the world every day.”

Rabash, on the other hand, felt it as spiritual phenomena, which means that the whole world was in front of him. He could actually see how everything that happened in the world was loaded upon him like a heavy burden.

It seems to us that from a purely egoistic aspect that a Kabbalist floats on clouds like a bird, free of all the corporeal problems, forgetting our world, not caring about anything. No. Everything interests him, because he cares about the general correction of the world.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 4/18/19

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