Discover The Disease Along With The Medicine

568.01Question: How can one understand from the lowest, most difficult, and most painful state that something opposite exists?

Answer: Only through suffering. Suffering can be physical or it can be moral, when you realize the hopelessness and do not know what to do with it.

Comment: But at this moment the person is kind of deafened, he wants to get rid of the pain.

My Response: I understand that he is stunned. But it is suffering that pushes him forward because our material is the desire to enjoy, this is our whole being. It turns out that we cannot escape this, we must suffer.

However, it may not be physical suffering or life experiences that drag on for years, but the realization of what I am in. If I attract the light of wisdom to me, then I will see my present state.

Question: How to get into this state?

Answer: Everything can be fine in my life, and suddenly, just sitting in a chair, I can realize that I am in the opposite state of perfection. It will hurt me, but it hurts in awareness, not physically. We must reach this state anyway.

Question: How can it be made clear to a person?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah is given to us for this. Engaging in it, you attract the upper light and bring the upper stem closer to you. You seem to attract the upper world to our world and begin to understand how much more perfect it is, more harmonious, higher than you, and that somewhat you are not it.

And then, simultaneously with the disappointment in your own state, the forces of striving will arise in you. You begin to understand that this can be achieved, that is, you as if discover the disease along with the medicine.

This is what Kabbalah allows us to do. Therefore, we distribute it by any means so that we can show the world this opportunity so that the world does not enter the state of war again. After all, a very unpleasant possibility of a third world war and even a fourth one looms before us. This is what the Kabbalah says.

We must prevent this and achieve an awareness of the need for spiritual ascent not with a stick, but as it is said: the clever one sees from afar, in advance. I would like humanity to undergo its ascent in this way.

Question: It turns out that Kabbalah is a medicine that cures an internal illness. You said that illness eventually kind of cleanses us?

Answer: Any disease in itself is a purification, it is a medicine. After all, it is initially a manifestation of some kind of malfunction in the body at any level: physical or mental, moral or spiritual. And therefore, its course must be perceived as purification.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #12

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