The Center Is A Place For Everyone

Dr. Michael LaitmanBecause of the current circumstances we are forced to leave the building that has been our home for many years. The requirements from the authorities simply leave us no choice.

In the new building we will have to make changes and renovations, which alone are very expensive, so it is much better to buy a building instead of renting one like we did before. We want to find a place in which our friends who come from overseas could stay, where we will have a places for classes; in short, we need the minimum so that we can have a good logistic center for the correction of the world.

We have to move as soon as possible and so I am turning to you: Let’s make an effort. All the options we’ve checked cost at least twice as much as the sum we’ve collected so far. Only if we collect another million dollars will we be able to ask the bank for a loan. In the meantime we are “stuck” in the middle of the process and we can’t initiate anything.

The money won’t “come from Heaven,” it is a matter of everyone’s exertion.

Question: So do my lack of trust, doubts and dilemmas provide a basis for exertion?

Answer: Yes, it says: “If I am not for myself, who is for me?” The faith comes later when you receive an answer, a response, a reward from Above. Faith doesn’t annul the exertion.

Question: I don’t feel that the new building will be my home. I have my local center and this is where I work.

Answer: You receive all the material, all the media products, all the books from here, from the center. Our Internet sites, the TV channel, and all the lessons are provided from the center. Here is where all our activities of unity and dissemination are planned and organized. Try cutting yourself off the center and what will you have?

This is a huge system that operates daily in several languages and in many different directions. Every event and every product requires professional preparation. Only babies can think that their food grows on trees together with the bottle, while grownups need to understand where it comes from. Without the hundreds of people working here, we wouldn’t be able to activate thousands more all over the world. If a person doesn’t understand the connection with us, let him try to manage without us.

The center is a place for everyone. In the past it was enough for a Kabbalist to write a book and to publish it. But today as we are developing together with humanity, we are working on the changes together. We have to create a daily connection with the world that is constantly changing by constantly opening new doors for our message. I feel it much more now that the material of the lessons and the global events are mutually connected and that here the wisdom of life is studied.

Therefore, we are required to work hard and to be consistent. The pace is growing—today a book that is six months late is no longer relevant. The world is advancing and constantly needs new materials. In the past books were relevant for hundreds of years, while today we are forced to publish them almost at the pace of the news. Everything is changing very quickly, including a person’s capacity to perceive and to understand.

On the whole, our logistic center is becoming increasingly more important, especially since we are beginning to train teachers, educators, and organizers for the whole world. The people in our groups will be ready and start taking on the new roles and to grow more and more new branches for this “tree” that is growing so fast. Of course, we will need to constantly monitor that we are producing new materials of different types.

The main point will become clearer for everyone, that this is the center of the correction method of the world. The wider our activities will be, the more people will look at us. There is nothing to be ashamed of: The connection between the upper force and our world is here in the center of the group. With all due respect for the other groups, they should hold on to us more strongly and then they will be inside, in the center of all the circles.

If a person doesn’t feel this connection, he only thinks that he understands something. He doesn’t feel that this is the place he is receiving all his energy from. Eventually, you can live your whole life on a “cross road,” and not choose your own way.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/31/12, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)“

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