Increase Your Spiritual Movement To Laser Speed

anyoneIt is written that the entrance and exit of the Light in and out of the desire creates in the desire a recognition of the Light and Its Source. So how many times does the Light have to enter and exit my desire in order for me to start being conscious of myself, my state and my actions? And where is the beginning of my own desire, discernment, freedom of will and intention?

The Light’s entrance and exit, and Its interchanging influences create a desire (Kli, vessel). The desire become more and more complex due to the various influences of the Light, and gradually starts to understand its own state. It begins to make its own decisions independently of the Light regarding how to desire It and how to aspire for It.

Spiritual life is evaluated by the frequency of the Light’s entrance and exit in and out of the desire. It depends on the frequency with which a person evokes these actions, as well as how he tolerates and uses them.

This is similar to our material life, where the rate of things always increases. With the development of technology, the clock rates used by computing devices increased from Hertz to Megahertz and to Gigahertz, and the frequency spectrum of communication devices rose from radio waves to microwaves and to optical laser frequencies.

In spirituality, a person is like a device that is measured by the frequency of his movement, his “start – stop” intervals, or the Light’s entrance and exit in and out of his desire. The more a person advances, the happier he is about the changes taking place within him and the more he knows how to use and control them.

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