For Spiritual Progress, You Need Constant Acceleration, Not Constant Speed

everything-we-perceive-is-like-frames-of-a-motion-pictureA question I received: Why is it written that an effort is only something that is beyond the ordinary?

My Answer: With regard to spiritual work, we always talk about acceleration, not speed. There is a well-known principle of relativity which states that if an object is moving at constant speed that is identical to your own, then it is not considered to be moving at all. If you assess its position relative to others, then you may find that it is moving relative to them, but relative to you, it is still. And in Kabbalah, we measure all the changes relative to the person himself.

Therefore, if we are acting out of habit and carrying out constant, habitual actions, which don’t require us to add a new effort at every moment, then we do not change. If I am not adding effort, then I won’t ascend to the next level, and that means that I won’t make a spiritual movement.

Therefore, you can check your advancement, despite the absence of any reaction, by the accumulation of efforts that you put into correction, bestowal, unification and studying. What you have to check is what you have added to what you had yesterday!

You should make a habit of constantly increasing the effort. You have to get used to a constant acceleration. What we need is constant acceleration, not constant speed! This has to become a habit.

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