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292Comment: Addressing our viewers, and there are two million of them on Facebook, you said that you consider humanity as a single whole and do not divide it into nations according to skin color, and so on.

Natalia writes: “I remember that in another video you covered the events that took place in Israel, while trying to explain to us, the listeners, who the people of Israel, that is, the Jewish people are. I also remember that you tried to explain to us what those people were created for. Let me ask you a question: Don’t you yourself divide humanity into nations? In my opinion, you contradict yourself. Maybe we misunderstood something.”

My Response: Yes, maybe you misunderstood, maybe I did not say enough.

I will tell you. All of humanity is divided into 70 so-called nations of the world. These are 70 spiritual roots that are reflected in the characteristics and properties of people. There is also a group that separated in ancient Babylon from all these 70 small nations of the world, a few people from each nation, and they became an assembled group among themselves.

Abraham called it “Israel.” “Isra” is straight and “El” is the Creator. It means “directed straight to the Creator.” These are the people who came from all the 70 nations of the world who lived in Babylon at that time, and gathered under the leadership of Abraham because he taught them how to reveal, how to attain the Creator.

Since then, everything is divided like this. That is why the entire world feels its dependence on this group, which should make contact between the nations of the world and the Creator, but has not fulfilled this yet. When they reach this, this implementation will force all the nations of the world and the people of Israel to unite together, and in contact with the Creator, they will find their eternal perfect state, what is called final correction. This is all.

Question: Are you saying that there is a group that should be the first to perform this correction, unite with each other and with the Creator, bring this message to the world, and lead the world to this?

Answer: Yes, this is what I mean. We should aim for this. I hope that we will do it.

Comment: When is there the division into nations?

My Response: This is all only because of egoism, which appears if we do not want to connect with each other. In general, as Baal HaSulam writes, humanity has no divisions into black, white, yellow, or red, into races and into nations. That is, it exists, but this is not a spiritual division, these are egoistic divisions.

Question: Is the spiritual state one single whole, one family? Should the people of Israel be the first ones to lead humanity to this?

Answer: Yes. They are the collective from all the nations of the world. They united then, it was in ancient Babylon 3,500 years ago. This idea of uniting and attaining the Creator comes from there.

Question: These people at that time went after the idea? Do they have to implement it?

Answer: Yes. It is very simple to implement it. It is very simple to understand this idea. They must rise above their egoism, which divides them all, and unite above their egoism in the quality of “love your neighbor as yourself.” Within it you will find the Creator because the Creator is precisely the center of love.

Question: Does it mean that this division into the people of Israel and the nations of the world still exists for you?

Answer: Absolutely! Do you not see to this day what is happening in the world?! This is an amazing division that exists at every moment of time, among anyone. There is no person in the world who would not feel this.

Question: That there are nations of the world and the people of Israel?

Answer: Yes, that there is some group in the world that is absolutely alien to this world!

The nations of the world have no idea what to do with this group! They believe that it harms them in everything! The people of Israel themselves do not know what to do with it. This is how they exist. The Creator does not allow them to make some last final decision as Hitler wanted. No one will be able to do this.

Question: That is, these people cannot be destroyed in any way, they must fulfill their mission. Should both the nations of the world and the people of Israel understand this?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: The question began with the fact that you said that there is no division for you.

My Response: Eventually, there is no division for me because I am looking further, I am already looking at the correction. When I am looking at the correction, there are no longer any nations of the world or Israel, everyone is already connecting together there: They shall all know Me from their smallest to their greatest” (Jeremiah 31:33), and “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples” (Isaiah 56:7).

Question: Does it mean that you are looking at the final state?

Answer: Yes, it should be manifested very soon.

Question: Is it the correct way to straightaway see the final state, the final state in the beginning of the action?

Answer: Yes, in nature everything is intended not the way we have, from the beginning to the end consecutively, but precisely in the way that the end of the action determines the beginning and the entire process.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/24/21

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