Does The Upper Force Need Us?

292Question: Does the upper governing force need us?

Answer: The upper governing force needs us, because in this way we feel its attitude to us. It wants us to become similar to it from the opposite to it, as it created us, to become as it wants to see us. – as she wants to see us, from the opposite of it – as it created us.

By transforming ourselves into the ones similar to it, we begin to reveal this force, understand it, draw closer to it, and literally adhere to it.

Question: Does it receive something from this?

Answer: No, it does not need it at all. Everything is done only for our sake because the upper force is absolute goodness.

Question: Who does this power come from? Is there anybody behind it?

Answer: There is a root that is not attained, but its actions are attained; the science of Kabbalah speaks about it. It teaches us to attain the actions of the Creator, but not the Creator Himself.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 7/19/2021

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