Is It Possible To Forgive And Forget Everything?

961.2Comment: It seems that we are entering the era of repentance. In America, police officers are asking for forgiveness more and more, and now the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act is being considered in Congress, which addresses the behavior of police officers and Americans in general.

French President Emmanuel Macron, on a visit to Rwanda recognized responsibility of France for the genocide in 1994 and asked for forgiveness.
The German Foreign Minister admitted that the Germans carried out a genocide in Namibia in 1904 – 1908. He promised to allocate one and a half billion Euros for the development of Namibia. Canada has called the forced assimilation of Indians a cultural genocide. The Canadian Prime Minister apologized.

How do you feel about this process?

My Response: Mainly, these will be various excesses and nothing good will come of it either because all this is based on the great egoism of people on both sides.

What good happened to South Africa, to Pretoria, after the local population occupied Cape Town and all the other cities and cultural places? They literally turned it all into latrines, and nothing else.

That was the end of this country, which was very progressive, where the first heart transplant was performed. It had its own nuclear industry. It was a flourishing country. And what happened to it today? Poor people live there, including the same local population.

Comment: Here the question is whether to ask for forgiveness for past sins or not to ask? For example, Germany is going to give one and a half billion Euros for the development of Namibia. And Namibia says: not one and a half billion, but you owe us 400 billion for the past genocide.

My Response: I think this is not how it should be. They should help in the restoration, strengthening, development, and most importantly in educating the population, in raising the general level of the population. After all, if you pour in not even 400 billion dollars, but as much as you want, it still will not work out, it will even be worse.

You will pull them out of their centuries-old way of life, and they will disperse completely and who knows what will happen to them. We see such examples all over the world.

Therefore, I believe that there should be a completely different approach here based specifically on education.

Question: How do you feel about the era of forgiveness, if it comes?

Answer: There is no need for any forgiveness, they will not understand it all. They will turn it all upside down.

Question: Is this not a correction for those who ask for forgiveness?

Answer: No, I do not believe that either. No egoism voluntarily agrees to all this. All this is happening under the influence of a small group of rabid egoists who believe that this is exactly what should be done. They demand that the government apologize, do something in this way or in that way.

Comment: There is no component of education here.

My Response: There is none of this at all! Give us the money and shut up, that is what they demand.

Question: Does it mean that the countries will not become better, neither France nor Germany?

Answer: If you do not raise the general level of the population, to which you as if owe, then nothing good will come of it. Rather raise the population that you allegedly suppressed earlier to today’s level.

In fact, we see that all over the world, everywhere, this process of colonization, slavery, use of the local population took place: in South America, North America, Africa, and Australia. This is a period that humanity must go through.

And what to do today? Ask for forgiveness? There is nothing to ask, they just need to invest, and raise that population to today’s level. This is decades of work. Build factories and plants for them. The most important thing is educational institutions, medical institutions, and so on. Raise, lift, make people out of them. In principle, I imagine that this is very serious work and for many, many decades. It seems to me that this will stretch for many generations.

A few hundred billion dollars is not enough here, it will take much, much more. But it must be done.

It is necessary to bring the entire planet to a single system, the unification of education, upbringing, and internal development.

Comment: And for the countries that want to buy off, that is not a process of correction for them?

My Response: No, there is no ransom here. Let’s just forget about the past altogether. We need to bring the Earth into a round state.

I think that they will eventually come to this. Otherwise, there will be no peace in any way.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/7/21

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