According To The Projection Of Spiritual Forces

746.01The whole globe geographically consists of parts that are a projection of spiritual forces. External spiritual forces act on matter and form their consequences in our world: continents, seas, oceans, and everything else. Since these forces are diverse, their influence on our world differs.

Therefore, there are seas, oceans, land, deserts, forests, fertile lands, and areas where a person can live and where he is unable to live.

In addition, there are places more favorable from a spiritual point of view, spiritual states develop there. There are places opposite to spirituality where egoistic spiritual states develop, such as the confrontation between Rome and Jerusalem.

Rome represented explicitly an egoistic power to subjugate, so the whole of Europe adopted this ideology and developed in egoism. But as we are now approaching the stage of correcting the world, Europe will gradually fall more and more.

In Kabbalah, particularly in the Study of the Ten Sefirot, which forces that act on each piece of land is described: first on Jerusalem, then on the land of Israel, on Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, the rest of the parts up to Babylon, and then on the rest of the world.

The whole land of Israel is, so to say, divided into ten Sefirot. From Hermon through the Golan to Lake Kinneret it is like upper Malchut, Bina. Jordan is Zeir Anpin. Jerusalem is in the middle, like the Sefira Tifferet, which then descends into the lower Malchut—into the Dead Sea.

This whole geographical picture is clearly constructed according to the projection of spiritual forces. Therefore, it is very important where a person lives. If he feels the influence of various spiritual forces, then moving from place to place, he will feel how everything changes. It is not for nothing that it is said that by changing a place, you change luck, i.e., fate.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up—Return” 2/19/10

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