Is Food the Meaning of Life?

506.3Comment: People spend most of their life on food, everything revolves around nutrition. Why is the system built in such a way that the process of nutrition practically occupies our entire life?

My Response: What else would you do?

If we had organized life in our world correctly, in accordance with the upper spiritual roots, we would deal with the food issue for a maximum of two hours a day for normal, rational self-sustenance and devote the rest of the time to our spiritual development and fulfillment.

Instead, we spend time making unnecessary things, selling them to each other, quickly bringing them to the “cemetery,” and making new ones.

In principle, sleep, nutrition, and spiritual work are what a person needs in this life in order to quickly begin to feel a new, quantum spiritual world and pass into eternity, into perfection.

What else do we need? Why should we linger here, at this waypoint?
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Food Is the Meaning of Life” 9/27/12

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