Is There A Meaning Of Life In The Life Itself?

Laitman_198Question: Does the finiteness of life give it a special meaning? The meaning that is missing in life without the fear of death, eternal life?

Answer: And what’s the point in such a life? That I will die like an animal and all will end?

Comment: There is some kind of sharpness in this.

My Response: What kind of sharpness? The Marxist kind? “Live for the sake of others, and they for the sake of others, and so everything for the sake of everyone, and nobody for yourself!” What for? This is not the meaning of life.

There can be no sense in what ends. There can be no meaning to life in life itself. This is a primitive, materialistic philosophy, which believes that there is nothing more than matter.

When there is no answer to the question, then you satisfy yourself with this, forgetting about other things, convincing yourself that this is true.

Question: If I am the desire to receive pleasure, what more value can there be besides pleasure, enjoyment?

Answer: The fact is that receiving enjoyment is the goal of material life. Is there anything outside this? If a person does not think about it, he simply engages in the search for pleasure. Of course, it is better to enjoy than to suffer. Everyone will agree with that. But this is not meaning in itself.

Nature did not create us so that we simply live our lives quietly enjoying the years allotted to us. In our development, there is a pre-prepared requirement: “Why?”
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/17/20

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